This is How to Removing Eye Bags Naturally

Using the dregs of tea
The dregs of tea can be used also for the healing of eye bags, put only the dregs of tea on areas around the eyes, leave for 10 minutes.

Using a potato
Thinly sliced and washed clean, then place on the area around the eyes. Leave on for 10-15 minutes then rinse with clean water.

Tips for Make Your Lips Naturally Red

Pour a few drops of olive oil in a small container. Mix in a little sugar or honey on a trickle of olive oil. The lips must be clean of lipstick. Apply the herb above on the surface of your lips.
Then brush and rub it slowly then rinse.


How to Remove Grey Hair Naturally

Here is how to remove grey hair naturally
Applying a mixture of coconut oil and lime juice on your hair. Squeeze and leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing.
Pecan oil Slathered-on hair, roasted pecans and mashed his way to dispense oil, sweep the hair and let sit 15 minutes, then rinse until clean and shampooing.
How to remove grey hair is by using a concentrated tea and add one tablespoon of salt into the tea. Pour blended into the hair while massaging the scalp. Let stand one hour, then rinse it with cold water and do not wash, for which will be lost.

How to Whiten Skin Naturally

With Lime and Lemon
There are two ways to whiten skin naturally with orange harness. First, that is to consume right away. Second, the use of lemon from the outside by means of applying bits of lime juice on the face and body parts that want bleached, do routinely every day. It could be by way of mixing the lemon with egg whites, this mixture can you use as a mask. You can wear this mask for 5-10 minutes then rinsed.

Oranges can also be combined with yogurt. Yogurt contains vitamin C and B3 are beneficial to whiten skin naturally and at the same time be able to brighten the skin. The trick, take two tablespoons of yogurt mixed with a tablespoon of lemon juice. Then mix until well blended. Apply on face and neck evenly and leave for 15 minutes.